We DO NOT accept floral items from Florist who are out of state.  All floral items must be from a local florist here in South Carolina.  This is if you have them delivered or if you order and bring them yourself.

All floral deliveries must be delivered to the correct location serving the family, along with Name of the Deceased and the name of the floral shop or the name of the person that delivered the floral item(s).  No deliveries accepted after 5pm during weekdays.  Call to verify hours prior to delivery on the weekends.

Do not leave deliveries outside of the building, for we cannot be held liable for floral item(s) not delivered on time, left outside, or delivered to the incorrect location

Linda’s Flower Shop
1901 N. Main Street, Anderson, SC
(864) 375-0024

Palmetto Gardens Florist
1816 E Greenville St Anderson, SC
(864) 226-6400

Electric City Blooms
2303 N Main St, Anderson, SC
(864) 224-6045

Nature’s Corner Florist
1205 Whitehall Road, Anderson, SC
(864) 226-5306

A Basket of Blessings
1521 Whitehall Rd Anderson, SC
(864) 261-4020

Chez Julie
603 Laurel Creek Dr. Anderson, SC
(864) 226-6261

Flowers By The Lake
624 E. Fairplay Blvd, Fairplay, SC
(864) 972-7673