These prices are effective as of November 1, 2022 but are subject to change without notice.



This charge includes necessary services of staff, permits, and authorizations, alternative cremation container, temporary urn, death notice (name, age, date of death) on our website, removal inside Anderson County, SC, and 1 copy of the SC Death Certificate for the Crematory, and the cremation. Includes one transfer of cremains for an urn with a signed release of liability. We are unable to transfer cremains into jewelry not purchased from the mortuary.

  • Direct Cremation does not include any services, use of facilities, obituary, memory slide show, or use of house equipment, such as folding chairs, floral display, register book, or additional death certificates.
  • Removal outside Anderson County up to 40 miles is an additional (additional miles at $1.95 per mile after forty) – $275.00



This charge includes all services listed for direct cremation in addition to embalming, use of rental casket, 3 certified copies of the SC death certificate (one for the Crematory), Chapel service with visitation held prior to the service on the same day, house equipment (6 chairs, floral display, register book, stand), any required SC Sales Tax, 50 memorial prayer cards, 35 picture slideshow, and death notice (name, age, date of death) on our website.

Includes 1 transfer of cremains for an urn not purchased from the mortuary. Additional charges apply to services outside of the Mortuary or next-day services.

* We are unable to transfer cremains into jewelry not purchased from the Mortuary.

There will be a minimum Basic Charge for the funeral director and staff of $375.00

Services of Funeral Director for Arrangements related to Cremation performed at another facility $450.00


Direct Cremation with alternative cremation container provided by purchaser


Direct Cremation with Fiberboard Container


Direct Cremation with casket selected from our funeral home

$905.00 plus cost of casket

Obituary charges as approved by purchaser for Newspaper 


Obituary on the mortuary website


Time of visitation for a cremation


Chapel or Church service for cremation


Graveside service at MJ Dolly Cooper Veterans Cemetary


Labor for Servies Next Day in the Chapel

In a Chuch



Use of the hearse for a church service


Identification Viewing (includes other preparations and up to three people)

  • These are preparations that we carry out to allow the next of kin to view the deceased in a private setting. In cases involving an autopsy or infectious disease, we require full embalming of the deceased in addition to this preparation charge for any viewing to take place.




Use of Rental Casket


Use of chairs and house equipment


Register book


Receiving or shipping cremains to another funeral home or other location


SC Death Certificates

$12.00 for 1st

$3 ea. add

Memorial Slideshow with 2 copies for family


Coroner Cremation Permit

Varies by county of death


Payment of Funeral Charges

The Sosebee Mortuary and Crematory must satisfy all charges regarding the funeral or cremation to our suppliers at the time of need for goods and services; therefore funeral charges must be resolved at the time of arrangements. Method of Payments acceptable: Insurance Assignment after validated insurance policy, Established Preneed Account, Cash and or Check, Debit or Credit Cards (Visa MasterCard, Discover) (3% will be added on for this method to cover fees). There are no discounts available for cremation. Any combination of the above can be applied to satisfy the funeral bill.


Prices subject to change without notice and effective January 1, 2022 

Every item is plus tax and engraving (if available) unless otherwise noted. Engraving starts at $35. Engraving price depends item selected, stock image or custom engraving, as well photo painting.

We will transfer cremains one time into an urn not purchased from the Mortuary with signed release of liability. We transfer cremains into any urn or jewelry purchased from mortuary.

We will not transfer cremains into jewelry not purchased from the mortuary and we do not transfer any cremains for a cremation not done through the Mortuary.

Brass Keepsakes with case


Painted keepsakes with case


Stainless stell cremation necklaces


Urn Medallion (engraving included)


Teddy bear with keepsake


Brass keepsake hearts


Brass rose keepsake


The Belmont (MDF)


The Pioneer (solid wood)


Life Print Memorial Keepsakes

$148.00 and up

The Brass Full Size Urn Collection

$148.00 and up

The Colonial (solid wood)


The Statesman (solid wood)


Painted Urns


Camouflage Urn


Stars and stripes


+ Full-Size Emblem Top


The Chestnut (smooth turned hardwood)


+ Chestnut Keepsake


Urn Vault (single)


Collegiate Urn Collection


Cremation Lamps

$198 and up

Mallard Duck Urn


Additional keepsakes, jewelry, wood/brass urns, and many other options are available upon request.

Sosebee Mortuary and Crematory do not offer any warranty on any items sold. Manufacturer warranties apply if applicable. Items must be paid for prior to ordering.